junior design awards (1)

In the past month, the power of mobile gaming has been blazingly illuminated by the rise of Pokemon Go, which has swept the world, engaging millions of children. Certainly, the beauty of truly exceptional video games is the passion provoked in players. As such, here at Kuato, we always adopt a ‘game-first’ approach when creating our educational games. While learning is core across all our titles, education must never come at the expense of a game’s design. Otherwise, it quashes children’s enjoyment – resulting in less learning! We’ve been fortunate enough to contribute further to the educational gaming industry this year with the release of our new game for kids under five, Dino Tales Jr. The game is a fun and colourful world of dinosaurs, storytelling, and puzzle play. Children can learn basic musical skills with a jamming dinosaur band, make bright jigsaw puzzles, or rest and recover in a story time corner. For kids who can’t yet read, there’s a cinema in a big volcano that spits out popcorn, with a red carpet up to the cave and an audio prompt asking players to describe what they see.


Our industry contribution was recognised this month, as we were awarded Platinum – the highest level of accreditation – in the ‘Best Children’s App’ category at the Junior Design Awards. We’re honoured, as The Junior Design Awards – the original family lifestyle awards – has consistently celebrated companies that create everything beautiful yet practical in a child’s life. With a strong focus on immaculate design, the Kuato team couldn’t be happier to receive such a prestigious accolade for Dino Tales Jr – with which we hope to inspire more young minds and curious kids across the globe.