On 28 January, Kuato took part in a major STEM event for girls. Organised by Stemettes, a social enterprise that inspires girls into technology and science careers, Girls in STEM was an inspiring day of positive reinforcement, encouraging girls to consider Computer Science and STEM careers, perhaps for the first time.

1800 girls drawn from five locations –  London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Manchester and Newcastle – simultaneously had their first introduction to JavaScript using the the Studio’s coding game – Code Warriors. The girls, ranging in age from 10 through to 14, loved the game’s computational thinking challenges, the problem solving, and the multiplayer combat. They also loved the idea of code as a weapon of choice to take out enemy code warriors!

Any early hesitation among the girls about attending an event devoted to technology, science and engineering quickly gave way to outright enthusiasm. “Girls should pursue careers in STEM,” declared one jubilantly, “the jobs are well paid, and I love the idea of using technology to create something that people find useful.” Another seemed to experience something of a tech epiphany: “I didn’t know there was so much possibility to be creative with technology. I always thought that it was about using and fixing things rather than creating things.”

A number of inspirational women attended the events across the five locations to share with the girls their adventures in tech. As Hannah Phillips said, “I never thought I would be a ‘girl in tech’. Coming from a drama background, technology didn’t even cross my mind. It was a good feeling to stand there, as a girl ‘in tech’ and remind these girls that, YES, they can!” Hannah is an Outbox Incubator alumnus, and founder of 4wardz.

Stemettes co-founder, Jacquelyn Gudderly concluded: “It was fantastic to have Kuato attend our Accenture-sponsored UK & Ireland wide #GirlsInSTEM event. We used Code Warriors across five different cities on one day with all of the 1800 girls that took part. The 250+ girls at the London event loved playing with Code Warriors to learn the basics of Javascript and having representatives from Kuato itself really helped to bring the Code Warriors hack to life for the girls we were teaching. Kuato is doing exciting things and we’re happy to use their games.”

#GirlsInStem was the top trending Twitter topic for five hours during the course of the day! Congratulations to Stemettes and their sponsor Accenture for pushing the girls in STEM agenda. Kuato was delighted to play its part!