“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.”

John Dewey,

In October, Mark Horneff and David Miller were guests on the PBS show, Between the Lines. Hosted by Emmy award-winning Barry Kibrick, this long-running show, syndicated throughout the US, has featured a number of high profile guests, from legendary film director William Friedkin to education polymath, Sir Ken Robinson. The show gives guests an excellent opportunity to explore and share their personal insights and creative endeavours.

When Mark and David arrived at Barry’s LA Studios, they were ushered into the Green Room. There, a large monitor revealed that Ron Howard was already being interviewed by Barry about his new film, In the Heart of the Sea – due to be released the following month. Listening to the director of such films as Apollo 13 and A Beautiful Mind, talking about symbolism, morality and Herman Melville, was fascinating and sobering; it also helped to calm the nerves!

A brief meeting with Ron following his interview, and Mark and David quickly found themselves in the hot seats! The host, and the studio set, did everything to put them at their ease, and the half hour interview ranged far and wide, across the Studio’s philosophy of Learnification, to Kuato’s  commitment to re-think the positive role video games can play in preparing children and young people for their future. Mark and David also spoke about the recent launch of Code Warriors – excellent timing for President Obama’s Computer Science for All initiative, announced the week after show was aired, and which will see $4 billion investment in bringing Computer Science into US schools.

Barry was a most excellent and encouraging host, and the Studio is grateful for having been given this opportunity to share its work.