People of Kuato: Harvey Newbigin

What’s your role at Kuato Studios?

My role at Kuato studios is Video and Marketing editor however, I’m very lucky to have the opportunity to work on lots of small projects in the studio and contribute in a few key ways. My main job is to create and maintain the marketing content for all our games and events across social media, including; posts, activities, trailers and more. After that, I’m able to work as a concept artist, and I am responsible for creating artwork that explores early ideas for game concepts which helps  promote new  concepts for the internal team to have a shared understanding and vision of the game.

How did you get into your role?

My journey to my role in Kuato started when I found my passion for drawing. I knew I wouldn’t survive in the world if it meant working everyday doing something I didn’t enjoy and wasn’t interested in. Therefore a very big part of my early life was spent deliberately trying to practise skills so I could hopefully be able to live off them when I’m older. After graduating University, where I studied games design, I applied for as many jobs as I could, just doing anything to make my rent. However, when I saw a listing for Kuato, for the role of Video and Marketing editor, I jumped at the opportunity. This is when I turned up to 5th gear and put everything I learned into professional practice and then into action. I bought and designed a website to show off all my past work and spotlighted the work that would bolster my application and show my graphics design experience. I also did an all nighter 17 hour work session to submit my technical test in time. I tried my absolute hardest on it, and I think it showed. I’ll always advise trying your best no matter what, because even if you fail, you can sleep easier knowing you did everything you could.  

What’s your proudest achievement to date, and why?

Easily my proudest moment to date was getting this job. Since I technically graduated during covid and had no ceremony, this was the closest thing to a timestamp on my achievements and efforts of the past 10 years. It was at the end of a very hard time for me and when I look back at the challenges I was facing, I’m very surprised I made it to the other end. My biggest achievement is that I’m still here and I get to do what I love, and I fought for that.

What advice would you give to a young person starting in your field?

I wonder how many words I’m allowed, but I have a lot of advice. I would love to take time to talk about it all in depth. But to try and keep it short, my advice for someone starting in my field would be to love it, live it and just do it regardless if it will be a stable financially or not. If you’re still here after hearing that you’re already doing great, the truth is you have to fight for attention. When someone asks you randomly off the street today to see your work, what would you show them, what accounts can they follow? There needs to be something tangible there that you have ready to show people. After that we start getting into some very dense reeds, things like, your style, personal development and improvement, learn how to learn how to sell yourself, the list goes on and on. Figure out what level of work someone in your field is required to be able to produce and then go and work on yourself until you can match that or exceed that. Finally, prove it. 

What’s your favourite aspect of your job role?

Doing what I love everyday with a bunch of really cool people who also love what they do. There’s something great about having a joint passion with the people you work with, that’s what I love about the games industry and specifically Kuato.