Get ready for a summer of Jurassic fun with Dino Tales on Nintendo Switch™. The multi-award winning kids game is landing on the Nintendo Switch in an exciting new update that brings the game to the platform. Your child can discover a lush prehistoric landscape where primary/elementary aged school kids can play and learn an exciting range of entertaining and fun activities. 

A game that will give the kids lots to discover, and they can increase their knowledge with fun dino facts too – they can use the word wheel to ask Darwin, the talking dinosaur, questions they have about dinosaurs, fossils and other prehistoric topics. They can also hatch and customise 7 baby dinosaurs before filling their very own storybook with their personalised adventure! Dino Tales provides a perfect blend of summer fun and activities for your kids this holiday. Great for long journeys, playing together or reading before bed, there’s a huge variety of ways that the game can be enjoyed. 


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