People of Kuato: Janie Dang

Janie Dang is one of the latest brilliant additions to join the Kuato team. Coming from the Kickstart Scheme, Janie now works as a 3D animator at our studio in London.

1) What do you do at Kuato Studios?

My passion in life is all about creating fun animations that tell a story. This recently led me to become a 3D Animator at Kuato Studios. My main role is to bring different characters to life so that they can be played within our games.

2) How did you get into your role?

I graduated with 1st Class Honours in 3D Animation and Games from univeristy. I devoted my last academic year specifically to character animation. After that, I freelanced and volunteered as a character animator for a short period of time. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was very difficult finding jobs in London. That’s why I applied for the Kickstart Scheme where I found my job at Kuato. I am incredibly grateful that I got accepted into my role and that I am able to do what I love everyday!  

3) What’s your proudest achievement to date, and why?

My proudest moment to date was running my 2nd 10k on 15/6/19, I dedicated this achievement to my mum. Also receiving 1st Class Honours in 3D Animations was another of my greatest moments as well as being accepted into Kuato Studios!

4) What advice would you give to a young person starting a role in your field?

There’s a lot to learn in character animation, even professionals are still learning from each other. Generally I would suggest to keep learning and be patient with your progress. 

I would also advise getting into the habit of deeply understanding the character profile first, being specific about your acting choices, and exaggerating your key poses while moving the body parts anatomically correct. Every character has their own unique personality, it’s important to show that without breaking the rig. 

5) Which video games/ projects inspire you and why?

Something that inspires me is Disney/Pixar. I love how they tell stories through their animations. You get really connected to the character and the world they live in. I strive to create animations that do the same. My favourite Pixar movies are Monsters Inc. and Toy Story. I also happen to love the games; Source Zombies,Smash Brothers 64, Puzzle Gem and Animal Crossing. These are all games that I grew up with which still inspire me today!