Well-Beings: Wellness for Kids Partners with Reading is Fundamental

Well-beings: Wellness for kids is a free mobile app designed with experts in children’s psychology to offer children a chance to embrace their feelings and practice mindfulness.

The game features over a hundred mood boosting and motivational tasks ranging from fun physical activities to crafty creative activities. Depending on how the child feels they will be recommended with different tasks and given time to reflect on how they feel. The options of emotions that children can indicate they are feeling vary from happy and sad to creative, active, curious and worried which has meant that children can truly start to understand their feelings. At the end of every challenge, they will be able to unlock a new Well-Being character! The more challenges that they complete, the larger their collection will become.

The app also features beautiful artwork, enchanting music and is developed in consultation with ‘Dr. Gummer’s Good Play Guide’ to help children become generally more relaxed and happier with themselves and their surroundings.

With the current global pandemic, young children the world over, have missed out on essential days and weeks of their educational and play development. In light of this, children are generally feeling more anxious or stressed. The Well-Beings;Wellness for Kids App has continued to allow children to express their emotions through play and encourages children to overcome and carry on managing these feelings.

We have recently partnered with Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) , our chosen US charity, for our brand new update of Well-beings; Wellness for Kids App. Reading is Fundamental is a charity that is close to our hearts and shares the belief that every child has the basic right to learn the life skill of reading. The charity’s values ‘to inspire children to read,’ and equip them to do so, made this an easy partner choice for us. It’s important that we enable our children to develop their reading and language skills. That’s why we support RIF and their reading resources for all children whether they’re at school or home.

Download Well-Beings from the App Store/ Google Play.