Moana has arrived in Disney Story Realms

Explore the enchanting 3D realm of Motunui and set sail on a magical ocean adventure for the first time ever on Disney Story Realms. Relive the epic tale of Moana, as she sets sail in search of Maui, a legendary demigod, in the hope of returning the relic to Te Fiti and saving her people. With our 96-page movie retelling storybook and three extra exclusive short stories you and your child can get lost in a world of adventure and reading play.

The realm allows children to develop both their reading and play skills through this compelling Disney tale.

Enjoy the colourful illustrations and the peaceful sounds of the waves or exotic birds as you transport yourself into Moana’s world. There’s no telling how far you will go with this story realm as you choose to participate in the five different entertaining activities around the island such as ; completing puzzles, catching shells and much more.

In addition to the movie re-telling story, three new exclusive short stories have been added to the Moana saga. You will be able to find these in your own Disney Story Realms digital library.

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Short storybook: Moana and Pua

This short story of friendship begins with Moana doing what she loves best, spending time at the beach with Gramma Tala. Moana helpfully offers to assist Chef Tui in bringing the piglets across the island and back to the farm. During their sail she notices one little piglet refusing to eat. This worries her so she keeps an eye on him for the rest of the sail.

When they reach land Moana and Chef Tui jump into the cool ocean and transport the pigs back to the farmer. Moana notices that one of the little pigs still hasn’t eaten. She bravely takes matters into her own hands by picking up the little pig and trying to feed him some coconut milk from a leaf. To Moana’s relief the little pig finally eats! The farmer thanks Moana and lets her take the pig home as a reward for all her help. Moana continues to care for the pig making sure he’s warm and playing fetch with him. Eventually she names him Pua and they become the best of friends.

Short storybook: The Misadventures of Hei Hei

The Misadventure of Hei Hei begins with Maui and Moanas canoe sharply hitting the rocky shore. They soon realise that they have ended up at the entrance of Lalotai; the realm of the monsters. Maui begins climbing up the rocks to the entrance but instructs Moana and Hei Hei to stay on the boat. Moana refuses this and begins climbing after him leaving Hei Hei to peck at his seeds alone. After accidentally pecking off a lizard’s tail and being picked up by a seabird, Hei Hei is swayed by the wind and falls towards the ground. He first falls onto the rocks before clinging onto a cracking branch and then dropping into a sea kelp forest.

Tangled up in lots of kelp plants Hei Hei walks onto a plank of driftwood. As he approaches the edge of the plank it crashes into the ocean with Hei Hei caught up in it.

Meanwhile Moana is hiding from the terrifying monsters whilst trying to come up with a plan to get away from one of the four armed monsters. Before she can even think a powerful geyser of water shoots up from the ocean and blasts the monster. It was Hei Hei on his plank! The monster mistakes Hei Hei for a frightening kelp monster and vows to hide in his cave for the rest of his life. Hei Hei had saved the day and they all safely returned to their canoe.

Short storybook: Wave Rider

This tale begins with Moana at the beach with her Gramma Tala watching the villagers ride the big waves. She tells Gramma Tala how she wishes she could surf like that to which Gramma Tala begins telling a story from when she was young like Moana. She explains that one evening she saw a bird surfing a wave on what looked like a piece of driftwood. From then on she knew that she wanted to be like the bird but didn’t know how. Gramma Tala didn’t give up and tried surfing on everything from banana leaves to bark.

One night she saw her friend Asolelei carving wood by the fire and she had a great idea. Together they made a board carefully carving and polishing the wood. Eventually when it was finished Gramma Tala learnt how to use her board. The waves would carry her across the water, the wind in her feathers just like the bird that she saw that evening. Gramma Tala then gives Moana the same board that she had learnt on all those years ago so that Moana can learn how to ride the waves of Motunui beach just like Gramma Tala.